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So I made the app I'm 24 and I like to look good but natural makeup not so much around the eyes but like eye shadow and my sister is against it all I snapped a pic of my sis and laughed cuz she loved how she looked with some makeup I got to wake up super early and do it for school 9th grade her first day and she's beautiful too but little doesn't hurt thanks to this App I probably made her into a new hottie in school and she rides a motor cycle like me with the leather jacket. For ever great full to the person who made this I made my little sis look so pretty and it's the first time too she's gonna need practice on here I'll make sure she starts to use it well plan ahead. I'm lame but I want her to take pics and do different types then take the example and put it on herself. She finally put lipgloss and hair down I'm proud it's not basketball shorts shit bun and a hoody with a damn t or tang top now it's pretty shirts, dresses, skirts , cute shoes only thing needs to be done is the brushes need to be stronger and go on the right place like have the spots it doesn't go on be clear if touched and for each type of additional effect having it Purcisly go on the parts it should and not have to fix after would be better

Deedeelove1991, 14.10.2015, 15:54
Idea status: under consideration


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